Mandalas in Nature

mandalas in nature
Simple flowers can provide beautiful mandalas in nature. Click on image to enlarge.
Sanskrit for circle, mandalas represent our life journey, spirit and soul. Seen throughout all of history across many cultures, the mandalas have a center that houses the culture’s god(s). The center brings one closer to total enlightenment. Mandalas not only come in this religious form, but can also be found in nature.

When you see circles encompassing other patterns or hosting their own sacred geometry in nature, you are viewing a natural mandala. You can see mandalas everywhere if you take time to look. Plants and flora, trees, fruit, vegetables and even animals can hold the power of the mandala within them.

Look for something with a circular center with a pattern radiating outwards and you have found yourself a natural mandala. Stop and smell the flowers! They’re a perfect example of what we’re talking about. You can see this is the way in which a rose gently folds its petals one upon the other, or a sunflower with its seedy center and bright yellow petals radiating outwards. Chrysanthemums are another prime example of a floral mandala.

Are you getting your daily intake of veggies yet? Cauliflower, a head oflettuce, or cabbage are readily seen as natural mandalas. Cut up an orange, take a look at a kiwi fruit and you will see more of these spirited shapes. An onion is a never ending mandala, circles upon circles upon circles.

When was the last time you took a walk through a forest? Check out the trunks of the trees: their rings radiate out from the center and represent the lifecycle of the tree itself. When you turn a mushroom over with the stem pointing up, look down and you will see the mandala. Pinecones have the lovely layers on the cone that become beautiful within its mandala.

We don’t know if an apple a day will keep a doctor away, but there are other fruits that have natural mandalas. Have you ever paid attention to that orange you’re peeling? Yep, mandala. A kiwi is one of the best looking mandalas in nature you can see.

Within sea life and wildlife we can see the mandalas in nature as well. Take a look at a starfish, an octopus or even a jellyfish. Tigers and zebras can show us their natural mandalas. A killdeer’s eggs come with a disruptive colorization that is used for protection that offers up the sacred geometry we look for. Their eggs are often arranged in the nest as a set of four with their smaller ends pointing to the middle.

There are landscapes across the world that offer us the spirit and energy of this mandalic geometry. The tufa towers in Mono Lake of California spring up from the surrounding water in a 3D mandala. Formations of rock millennia old within the Olympic Peninsula show us their spirit. A beautiful sight to see, Grand Prismatic Spring has colors that attract the eye.

The list is endless as you find yourself fulfilling the wanderlust in you, traveling the world to and fro, of the nature mandalas that can be found. Each has its own journey and can offer you a quiet meditative moment as you focus on the beauty of the Earth that surrounds you. Your god(s) will smile upon you as you become one with the planet. You and the center will work in synergy and peace. The mandala is yours to find if you just watch.

Image of flowers in nature from Wikipedia.